IDmission Announces Level 2 ISO 30107-3 PAD Compliance

BOULDER, Colorado, October 19, 2020 -- IDmission, LLC announced today that the company’s biometric identity verification technology now meets the ISO/IEC 30107-3 Level 2 biometric Presentation Attack Detection Standard (PAD)


The Presentation Attack Detection (PAD) testing was conducted by iBeta on the IDmission passive liveness application. The tested solution consisted of on-device passive liveness detection on a mid-level smartphone. With this new ISO compliance, IDmission remains one of only five global biometric companies that ensure the security, compatibility and interoperability at such a high standard.

“Guaranteeing that a selfie being captured is from a live person (and not a photo of another picture or a mask or a video) is both technically challenging and mission critical. To do so passively, with no user action required, is the icing on the cake,” says IDmission CEO Ashim Banerjee. “We are delighted to have pushed the frontiers of AI just a little bit, and to be able to offer state-of-the-art digital identity services to our customers”.

The IDmission passive liveness solution provides security without getting in the way of business and offers unique benefits like:

    • Frictionless user experience
    • Device agnostic (mobile, cloud, iOS, Android, etc)
    • Liveness detection in under 1 second

Used in finance, e-commerce, the sharing economy, and regulated industries, IDmission establishes identity without compromising the user experience. IDmission creates powerful security for customers and communities in a fraud-filled world. Contact us to learn more.

Read the ISO Compliance Letter 
About iBeta
iBeta Quality Assurance is the only independent, biometrics testing lab accredited by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for ISO 30107-3. It issues third-party testing to other biometric companies in order to ensure product quality, functionality, and accuracy. In order to comply with ISO standards, biometric companies must undergo extensive testing issued by iBeta and achieve the required score.

About IDmission
IDmission, a global leader in biometric and AI technology, provides end to end digital transformations for applications relying on ID and identity verifications. We offer an effortless customer journey using standards compliant security, passive liveness biometrics, AI, and our industry expertise to complete complex applications in numerous markets.

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