IDmission brings verification, convenience, and security to TendedBar automated cocktail service

IDmission brings verification, convenience, and security to TendedBar automated cocktail service

Jacksonville, FL – Whether it’s an NFL Game, an Elton John, Metallica, or Bruno Mars concert, or the final round of a PGA TOUR event, the last thing fans want to do is miss the action while waiting in line to get a drink. TendedBar, the industry’s most innovative automated bar service, and IDmission, a global leader in identity proofing and AI technology, announced an exciting new partnership. By teaming up with IDmission, TendedBar makes the one-time registration, onboarding, and payment processes for potential customers seamless and secure. TendedBar continues to expand business throughout the United States, with activations in Jacksonville, Orlando, San Diego, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and Las Vegas.



Customers will have the opportunity to scan a QR code to initiate the digital bar tab process. The web app captures a selfie, a scan of their identification document, and payment details. IDmission will authenticate the customer, validate age, and sync the customer’s verified identity/payment token with every TendedBar unit.  TendedBar locations will recognize the customer, provide them access to more than 100 top-shelf cocktails, and automatically process one payment at the end of the event. This bar tab can be used again and again at any venue where TendedBar is active. 


IDmission accurately verifies customer’s age and identity and tokenizes the customer's payment information, ensuring every customer’s safety is upheld; neither the identity nor payment information are ever exposed to TendedBar, or others as part of the process. 

“IDmission’s experience in secure identity-based transactions enabled us to create an efficient and effective customer journey at every TendedBar,” said Justin Honeysuckle, TendedBar Co-Founder.

“The technology behind the web application allows us to verify identity and age in seconds.  Their identity technology, combined with TendedBar’s automation and payment platform, has put us on the path to being the leader in beverage automation in the industry.”


“TendedBar has created a perfect use case of digital identity being used to access goods and services in the physical world,” said Ashim Banerjee, CEO, IDmission, and:

“Tying payments to identity opens up a whole new world of selfie payments. IDmission is honored to be playing a small part in this oncoming revolution in the retail experience.”


About TendedBar

In a category of its own: TendedBar is an industry-first self-pour automated bar designed to significantly increase throughput and improve service to customers, all while providing a drink-ordering experience that’s faster, cleaner, and more controlled. The result provides fans with less time waiting in lines, safer access to drinks, less congestion, and an overall improved experience that serves drinks in seconds, so fans don’t miss a minute.


About IDmission

IDmission, a global leader in biometric and AI technology, reduces the risk associated with false identities. IDmission is the sole provider of a proprietary, end-to-end biometric solution for identity theft through a comprehensive KYC platform and automatic ID document analysis across 200 countries and four categories of biometrics: face, fingerprint, iris, and voice. For more information, contact





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