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Financial Inclusion

One of our founding missions is to use identity verification to expand access to financial services for underserved communities around the world. IDmission works with governments and financial institutions to bring more people into the financial system by using biometrics and Al based verification to establish a digital identity. Where access to physical bank branches is difficult or identity documents vary widely, IDmission can be the first step for opening access to banking, payments, health care, telecomm, and government services.

IDmission has developed solutions and provided technology to support existing inclusion initiatives, incorporating features such as:

Payments and Crypto

Mobile phone based identification, without need for desktop computing

Employees Screens

Facial recognition, including passive liveness to prevent fraud

Gig Economy

Deduplication to ensure a single identity for each person

Gig Economy

Recognition of thousands of identity documents, including handwritten government IDs

Real Estate

Machine learning based detection of fraudulent documents and forgery attempts

Alcohol Vending

Creation of databases for maintaining unique digital identities across large populations


Signature, fingerprint and other biometric capture


Facial based authentication for access to financial services

Contact IDmission to discuss your project and vision for using positive identification as the basis for expanding financial access.