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Face-Enabled Stadium Experiences

Eliminate the bottleneck of age verification and payment for self- service retail. IDmission GameFace™ simplifies face-based purchases at sports and entertainment venues.

age verification and payment



GameFace™ is an automated face recognition based payment and ID checking capability for alcohol, food and merchandise sales. It is designed to improve speed and convenience, drive revenue, and reduce labor costs for self-serve retail sales, especially those offering alcoholic beverages.

GameFace solves the problem of streamlining store entry and payments at crowded sports venues, concerts, hotels and public facilities, by using quick facial recognition to pre-authorize and complete a credit card purchase, as well as validate age for alcohol access. While it can be used simply for age verification, the full power of GameFace enables all food, beverage and merchandise purchases to be automated using a single facial recognition process.

GameFace Key Features

Mobile phone

Mobile phone convenience to verify age and payment method


QR-code driven process with no app download required

Skip the line

“Skip the line” convenience at all outlets, all season long

Facial recognition

Facial recognition at Point-of-Sale authorizes purchase in a seconds


Integration into existing automated retail delivery, using existing or low cost hardware

premium benefit

Optional integration with loyalty programs for premium benefit

Case Study - Broncos NFL Stadium with Aramark and Zippin

For the 2023 NFL season, IDmission teamed with Aramark and Zippin to introduce a fast lane for entry to the grab-and-go Zippin stores at Denver’s Empower Field. It allowed customers to register in advance, then a quick look at the IDmission tablet recognized their face and opened the gate to the store. See the shopping experience in this video.

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How Does GameFace Work?

There are two steps for the customer: Enrollment and Point-of-Sale.


First, the customer starts with a QR-code, using their mobile phone to scan their ID and take a selfie picture. For payment systems, a credit card is scanned. IDmission verifies the authenticity of the document and extracts all data, including date of birth. At the same time, it matches the ID photo to the live photo to ensure it is the right person. IDmission encrypts the identity, age, and photo (plus other details) of the customer, and a payment token is established with FreedomPay, ready for future use.



When the enrolled customer visits the point of sale, they use the facial recognition capabilities to be immediately recognized and “skip the line”. IDmission GameFace is designed to fit in with existing automated retail store processes.

At time of purchase, the customer’s face is recognized as an enrolled participant. Pre-authorization is completed with FreedomPay, alcohol is authorized, and the customer enjoys the automated shopping experience provided by the store, with the shopping cart managed by the store operator. When shopping is complete, the store operator hands off the digital shopping cart to IDmission, which completes the settlement with FreedomPay.

Point of sale