Customer Lifecycle Identity Management

Eliminate Risks Associated with False Identity

Create frictionless customer experiences while reducing risk and preventing fraud through a simple and consistent identity proofing process across ALL channels - from customer onboarding and user authentication, account transactions, customer support and more...

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Customer Lifecycle

Use biometrics to manage the ENTIRE customer identity lifecycle.

Losses due to identity theft increased by 42% from 2019 to 2020 primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is estimated that losses from identity theft will grow to $635.4 billion by 2023. (source)

Each piece of the customer lifecycle exposes your customer to potential fraud. Ensure that your customers are protected every step of the way with best-in-class security and frictionless user experience.
Customer Lifecycle 1
Onboard with ID, Documents, and Selfie

Onboard with ID + Selfie

With IDmission, we enable end users to digitally onboard from anywhere, at anytime, using any device. Create seamless digital onboarding experiences with a simple ID + selfie.

Step 1: Check authenticity and validity. Extract data.

Step 2: Passive liveness check and face match.

Step 3 (optional): Onboard with fingerprint + voice. 

Onboarding complete!


Background Checks

Background Checks

Now that you've verified your user is who they say they are, you can run detailed background checks to make sure there's nothing nefarious going on behind the scenes. With IDmission, we've built in the following checks:

  • Sanctions watchlist 
  • Negative media 
  • PEP watchlist 
  • Sexual offenders 
  • Criminal background
Customer Service

Customer Service

Enroll face, voice, and fingerprint biometrics for your customers for a secure and consistent user experience. Who says you can't have security AND convenience? 

Customers can now access their accounts and get support by authenticating them via voice, mobile, and web.

  • IVR uses voice biometrics to confirm identity
  • Selfie biometrics offers passwordless access to apps, websites, and even in-person.


Each step in the customer lifecycle is a chance for fraudulent activity. Allow your customers to make transactions wherever they are - without sacrificing security. At a branch, from home, even at the ATM! Simply scan a QR code, then use IDmission selfie biometrics for secure, passwordless access.



When your customer needs to close an account, simply shutting off their access isn't enough. You need to ensure that all of their access and permissions are completely eliminated. Using biometric offboarding keeps your data AND their data safe and secure.

Step 1: Confirm identity through authentication for account closure confirmation.

Step 2: Disable all biometric access.

Step 3: Provide notifications to impacted departments, credit bureaus, etc.

Industry Leading Technologies

Our technology is the building block for providing reliable biometric solutions to our customers. Unlike most identity-proofing technology vendors, we don't buy crucial technology components - we build our own. Learn more about our technology.


Compare enrollees against your current database. One face = one customer.

Proof of Liveness

IDmission offers true passive liveness. No blink, no head turn, no zoom.

Selfie to ID Photo Matching

ID + Selfie compares a selfie to the photograph on a document to ensure they match.

Secondary Services

SSN verification, address verification, background checks, criminal history, AML/KYC

Document Collection
Automate the collecting of important documents like W-2, W-4, I-9, and tax forms.

We’re more than an identity company.

In this global economy and the need for biometric based applications exploding, no one company can provide all the pieces to complex solutions. At IDmission, we exemplify the meaning of “partner”. We treat partners like family and want them to be partners for life. Our success demands great partnership with leading companies in their respected markets. We currently serve over 160 countries and would love to hear from you today. Contact us today to learn how partnering with IDmission will help grow both our businesses.