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LatAm and Global Banking

IDmission is a leader in providing identity verification solutions for banks and financial institutions in Latin America and around the world. Our LatAm expertise includes one of the largest datasets of local identity documents in the region.

Implementations in banking, auto finance, and payments give us expertise in local requirements for ID verification and account opening.


Banco Atlantida in Honduras launched their mobile digital account opening with the IDmission SDK built into their mobile app. Capturing identity documents, validating with the Registro Nacional de las Personas (RNP), biometrically comparing the selfie to the RNP photo, and capturing a live signature is facilitated by IDmission. The secure app has given over a million new Banco Atlantida customers access to banking services.


For Banco Afirme, Mexico, IDmission integrated identity verification into the bank’s existing infrastructure.  Combining fingerprints, selfie capture, biometric deduplication, and data extraction, IDmission verification is an integral part of the Banco Afirme mobile app. The system ensures compliance with Mexican KYC regulations requiring a certified digital signature and a video record of the signing.

IDmission is experienced with documents and banking KYC regulations in countries including Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Honduras, Colombia, Mexico and Myanmar.

See an example of video capture of the digital signature.

Key benefits for LatAm and Global Banking


Trained on 100s of millions of records from LatAm countries


Experience meeting national KYC requirements for account opening

Financial Services

Supports financial inclusion, a making banking services widely accessible

Digital Identity

Establish digital identity database supporting expanded services