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Why Use IDmission For Your Government Facility?

IDmission has developed a unique access control system that allows government facilities to upgrade to biometric identity without having to spend any money on hardware at the access points. Our IDMS significantly improves security for access points by providing Two Factor authentications: The current system (Key Cards, PIN, other) plus biometric technology (facial recognition, fingerprints, or voice).

Our patent-pending technology is a major breakthrough in cost-effectiveness for upgrading airport employee security and government building access such as military facilities, power plants, and Federal buildings.

This technology also helps facilitate instant identification for police officers on the beat. IDMS can be used by law enforcement to instantly compare one’s fingerprints to the local or federal database.

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Airport and Transportation Solutions

Airports are large, multi-tenant organizations with critical and complex security requirements. Large numbers of employees need to routinely access myriad physical and logical systems. Today this access is accomplished using single-factor authentication (login/passwords or key cards).

IDmission’s IDMS solution enables biometric authentication and offers very strong security. That along with passwords or key cards enables a state-of-the-art two-factor authentication system.

Using ubiquitously available smartphones as the conduit for capturing and authenticating selfie biometrics, the system can be implemented with no investment in new hardware at the access points.

Law Enforcement Biometric Solutions

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Instant Identity From The Field

IDmission provides instant verification of detainees either in the field or at the field office. Our IDMS solution can connect directly to fingerprint databases and compare that data to the detainee directly from a law enforcement mobile phone. There is no need for portable fingerprint scanners or other hardware.

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Instant Identity & Form Fill

IDmission provides a quick solution for police officers to copy a driver’s license, extract data from the card, perform an instant background check, and autofill any documents that need to be prepared; all without any requirement for hardware upgrades. Call one of our customer success team members to learn more.


Visitor Access Control & Background Checks

Improve visitor security while speeding up the process for a more efficient system. IDmission’s access control system can help law enforcement regulate visitor access by:

  • Registering all visitors
  • Validating their identification documents
  • Confirm their identity against the ID
  • Implement quick background checks

All of these capabilites can be completed within a couple of minutes.

Government Facility Solutions

Globally controlled government facilities can now significantly increase security by upgrading access points to two or even three-factor authentication.

IDmission’s IDMS solution enhances existing control systems with biometric authentication providing two or three-factor authentication. From a central control point of a distributed model. Our hierarchical based platform can provide instant control and lockdowns from any location in the world. Using ubiquitously available smartphones as the conduit for capturing and authenticating selfie biometrics, the system can be implemented with no investment in new hardware at the access points.

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INFO SHEET: Address & Identity Verification Solutions

Eliminate 100% of back-office manual identity processes, by easily capturing the required data to complete a thorough identity check in one fluid process. Click to learn more.

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