Employee Access Control

Large, multi tenant organizations often have critical and complex security requirements. Large numbers of people need to routinely access myriad physical and logical systems. Ensure your users have access to the areas they need while maintaining security by adding a biometrics layer to your employee access control.

Strengthen Security with Biometrics

Replace traditional logins, passwords, and keycards with biometric authentication. Our identity management system enables biometric authentication and offers strong security, that along with passwords or key cards enables a state-of-the-art two factor authentication system.

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Multi-factor Identity Management

All 3 factors of identity supported - something you know, something you have, something you are.

Biometric capabilities

Support biometric enrollment, biometric deduplication and biometric authentication. 

Integration Capabilities

Enterprise service bus (ESB) built into Junctions module. Enables interface integration on demand.

Hierarchy, Role and Access management

Supports dynamic hierarchy and role creation. Access control managed based on role and hierarchy level.

Password Management

Support biometric passwords, can connect to SSO systems.

Service and Support

24-7 support

High Availability

99.99% uptime guarantee

Highly Secure

Infrastructure is PCI-DSS certified.

IDmission Identity Management
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