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Recognize customers using a selfie, capture documents, check background and transact, all in seconds.

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Technology to Capture Digital Identity

Envision proving your identity once, then using a selfie to unlock everything in your digital life. IDmission can help make it happen.

IDmission technology components enable you to select specific steps in the ID verification process, or to create your entire digital identity solution.

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IDmission’s 3 P’s for Proving Liveness
IDmission’s Passive Liveness Detection uses three layers to confirm proof of liveness:

  1. Person – is this “person” a human being and not a statue, mask, face bust, or virtual persona posing as a person?

  2. Physically Present – is this person authenticating themselves in real time and not using a photo, video, deepfake, or replay attack?

  3. Precisely who they say they are – is this person who they claim to be and do they have the right to access the information, account, or service requested?
Document Realness (1)-1-1

Document Realness

IDmission’s 3 T’s for Checking Document Realness
IDmission’s Document Realness Detection uses three layers to confirm liveness and realness:

  1. True presence of the physical ID document – is the ID document physically present?

  2. Tamper-free text on ID document – is the text on the ID document manipulated, replaced, or tampered with?
  3. Tamper-free photo on ID document  – is the face region on the ID document manipulated, replaced, or tampered with?

We're a truly global company, rooted in the US.

From our humble beginnings, we've worked hard to establish ourselves as an identity software provider around the world. We know that the more diverse data we feed our AI, the better it will be.

This helps us to achieve our mission of making identity accessible not just to developed countries, but to the developing world as well. By making identity accessible to all, we are one step closer to allowing financial inclusion, growth and technological advancement across the globe.

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