Proof of Liveness Solutions Datasheet

Fraud-Reducing Technology Incorporating Customer Ease of Use

The traditional Life Certificate marketplace has been one that requires patrons to physically deliver identification documents. With IDmission's Proof of Life solutions, individuals are able to digitally upload documents, such as ID, and take a photo, as a means for identity verification. This integration also reduces the need for paper documents, allowing for files and information to be stored electronically and be easily accessible. IDmission's integrated services recognize the use of photographs, masks, filters, and other technology that could result in damage to the institution or fraud.

In this datasheet, you will find more information on:

  • IDmission's Certificate of Life Solutions process from onboarding to final stage or fund disbursement
  • Solution advantages for companies and government in reducing fraudulent behavior and activity, while also securing information and providing a safe way to store customer data
  • Solution advantages for clients including ease of use, including the physical need to travel to an institution or remember a passcode for account entry

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