Out-of-the-Box Identity Proofing 

Identity (Proofing) as a Service

Self-service identity verification without the need for application integration

Enterprises are being forced to rapidly deploy online digital processes due to an increasingly digital workplace where work-from-home is the norm. This transformation requires a robust identity process to be built into your system.

Most organizations don't have an identity process as a part of their day to day operations, so there is no need to develop and integrate a complex onboarding process. In many cases, identity proofing is a critical component, but required infrequently.

IDmission has created an "out-of-the-box" identity solution that provides a total, end-to-end solution that can be implemented in hours, not months. Due to IDmission's junction capabilities there is no need to integrate with internal applications or 3rd party providers.

See it in Action

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Self-Service Identity Proofing

We start with three pieces to the identity proofing process. The IDM customer (you), your end-user (customer, employee), and IDmission (us). It's a simple process that starts and ends with you, the IDM customer.

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Identity-Proofing Capabilities


Compare enrollees against your current database. One face = one customer.

Proof of Liveness

Integrate to virtually any system of record for the insurance, pension, and government markets.

Selfie to ID Photo Matching

Compare enrollees against your current database. One face = one customer.

Secondary Services

SSN verification, address verification, background checks, criminal history, AML/KYC

Document Collection
Automate the collecting of important documents like W-2, W-4, I-9, and tax forms.

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Retirement/Pension Fund

Managers of retirement and pension funds must regularly provide liveness checks on their fund recipients. We provide a digital online solution that guarantees this information without your client having to visit a physical location or notary. 

Employee Onboarding

In today's digital landscape, stealing a password to gain entry is so easy, anyone can do it. By adding a biometrics, you allow users password-less authentication.

Employee Access Control

With biometrics, we eliminate the need to remember passwords, pins, or codes. You users only need themselves to gain access.

Customer Onboarding

Get up and running within a matter of hours. Our cloud-based identity verification doesn't require any integrations into your legacy systems, so it's fast and easy to get set up. 

Social Media

Provide secure onboarding to your users with biometric verification. Prevent misinformation, fake news, trolls, bots, and other unverified sources.

Event Registrations

Use facial recognition for event registration and check-in to create a fast, frictionless, safe and memorable experience for your attendees.

Use Cases


We’re more than an identity company.

In this global economy and the need for biometric based applications exploding, no one company can provide all the pieces to complex solutions. At IDmission, we exemplify the meaning of “partner”. We treat partners like family and want them to be partners for life. Our success demands great partnership with leading companies in their respected markets. We currently serve over 160 countries and would love to hear from you today. Contact us today to learn how partnering with IDmission will help grow both our businesses.