Address & Identification Verification Solutions for Onboarding Applications

Eliminate 100% of Back Office Manual Identity Processes

Many financial institutions require new customers to submit an onboarding application. This application has customers verify their identity and confirm their address in order to comply with KYC/AML requirements to deter fraudulent activity.

At IDmission, we understand both the importance of security and customer experience. That is why we created our AICR (Artificial Intelligence Character Recognition) technology to reduce onboarding abandonment while staying compliant.

In this solutions guide, you will learn a(n):

  • Overview of the Challenges Financial Institutions Face
  • List of the Benefits with AICR Technology
  • How AICR Technology Works

Find out more about IDmission’s AICR technology system to securely expedite the onboarding process to maintain customer satisfaction and regulatory requirements by downloading the full solutions guide here.

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