• Banking, Wealth Management- Remote Account Opening
  • Insurance - Remote customer on-boarding
  • Credits and Loans - Instant issuance

  • Process improvement - Paper elimination, digitization
  • Check Cashing - Instant Identity authentication
  • Money Transfer - ID verification, digitally and at the POS

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SuperRED: A multi-tiered loyalty program

SuperRed is a multi-sided network. Each side of the network adds enormous value to all other sides.


Manufacturers can create award programs for distributors, retailers or send offers directly to consumers on the network.



Distributors can create rewards programs for their retailers. They can also send offers directly to consumers on the network.


Small Retail

Merchants can earn rewards from manufacturers or distributors. Merchants can offer rewards to consumers.



Customers can enroll at any store and earn and redeem points at any store on the network.

SuperRED is a multi-sided network.

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