• Banking, Wealth Management- Remote Account Opening
  • Insurance - Remote customer on-boarding
  • Credits and Loans - Instant issuance

  • Process improvement - Paper elimination, digitization
  • Check Cashing - Instant Identity authentication
  • Money Transfer - ID verification, digitally and at the POS

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Our pathbreaking app-builder enables you to build complex user journeys seamlessly. Deploy as an android, iOS or web application.

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Digital Transformation in 4 easy steps - with OnBo :

No matter what your process is, you can make it better

OnBo data collection capabilities include

  • ID capture and OCR
  • Selfie capture with live face detection
  • Facial biometrics
  • Voice biometrics
  • Iris biometrics

  • Video capture
  • Video conference
  • Voice capture
  • Location capture (GPS)
  • Additional documents capture and OCR - bank statement, proof of address, utility bill, etc.
  • Barcode and QR code scanning and generation.

  • Signature
  • Token and OTP
  • SMS and email notification
  • Card payments
  • Electronic wallets
  • Digital signature

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