• Banking, Wealth Management- Remote Account Opening
  • Insurance - Remote customer on-boarding
  • Credits and Loans - Instant issuance

  • Process improvement - Paper elimination, digitization
  • Check Cashing - Instant Identity authentication
  • Money Transfer - ID verification, digitally and at the POS

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IDmission ABIS is a comprehensive platform designed to create large scale biometric enrollment and authentication systems for use by financial services enterprises and governments.

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High Performance

IDmission ABIS processes multiple biometric transactions with high accuracy and reliability and can store biometric and demographic information for an unlimited number of persons, as well as perform fast searches across the entire database.

Multi-biometrics: Face, Fingerprint, Voice & Iris

The system can accept fingerprint, face and iris images, along with voice recording files, for creating biometric templates and searching against the database. Each template can contain multiple fingerprints, irises or faces. Proprietary fused matching algorithms provide high matching accuracy.

Biometric deduplication

IDmission ABIS can determine questionable biometric matching results like suspicious duplicate(s) or non-matching templates and boil them down by using second biometrics to adjudicate. A very small number of doubtful biometrics can also be sent (using a workflow) to human experts for manual review and adjudication.

High Availability

IDmission ABIS architecture is designed for fault tolerance using multiple instances operating in load-balanced, round-robin configurations. If any single instance fails, the traffic is routed to the other instances seamlessly.


IDmission ABIS connects to IDmission Junctions to enable data exchange with any number of 3rd party systems using web services or batch exchanges.

Biometric Standards Support

IDmission ABIS conforms to the ANSI/NIST-ITL-1, ISO/IEC 19794-2, ISO/IEC 19794-5 and ISO/IEC 19794-6 biometric template standards.


IDmission ABIS can be completely customized to your business needs.

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