Empowering Small Retail


Manufacturer’s Problem:
No visibility to activity at retail level. Has brand recognition BUT unable to drive consumer traffic to specific retailers for specific products.


Distributor’s Problem:
No visibility to activity at retail level. No relationship with consumers. No brand value!


Retailer’s Problem:
Has consumer relationship. Needs to expand relationship, increase traffic to store, increase share of wallet.


Consumer’s Problem:
Needs to maximize value. Needs retailers to accept all forms of payment.

Distributors solve the most challenging problems of small retail – the last mile problem.
Yet, they suffer low profit margins and significant competition. Distributors need to break out of this commodity trap.


Distributor – Build retailer loyalty

Distributor’s Retailer Loyalty Program

A. Promotions of specific purchases
B. Retailer earns points for

  i. Purchases
  ii. Signing up consumers
  iii. Meeting sales targets

Distributor – Build consumer loyalty

Distributor’s Retailer Loyalty Program

A. Promotions of specific purchases
B. Consumer earns points for

  i. Purchases
  ii. Birthdays, anniversaries
  iii. Lucky draws


Retailer’s Consumer Loyalty Program

A. Promotions of specific products
B. Consumer earns points for

  i. Purchases
  ii. Birthdays, anniversaries
  iii. Lucky draws

C. Redeem points for distributor products and discounts

Retailer – Build consumer loyalty


Value for consumers

A. Sign up for the loyalty program
B. Enjoy offers and promotions, from the retailer and the distributor
C. Get discounts on products
D. Earn points for purchases, birthdays, anniversaries, lucky draw
E. Redeem points for products and discounts

Consumer – Enjoy value from both distributor and retailer


1. Real-time updates from distributor ERP system in mPOS

2. Auto decrement inventory upon item purchase

3. Set alerts for “low stock” and “out of stock”

4. Auto reorder (from any distributor) based on low stock rules

5. Manage taxes

6. Manage items ranked by “best sellers”, “best margins”

1. Enroll Customers – Name, Phone Number, Gender, Date of Birth, Wechat ID, WhatsApp. Optional – Face image, Fingerprint, Signature

2. Enroll at checkout, enroll independent of checkout

3. Assign a loyalty program customer ID – attached to phone number and/or a barcode sticker. Optional – Fingerprint

4. Customers belong to distributor

5. Customers can carry promotions across stores

6. Customers can redeem points across stores

7. Valued customer rules can be set up. For example
  i. 500 Points – mark customer as a Bronze Level customer
  ii. 1000 points – mark customer as a Silver customer
  iii. 2000 points – mark customer as a Gold customer

8. Distributor can enable a Merchant Loyalty Program

9. Retailers can earn points for enrolling customers.

10. Thresholds reached for number or customers or number or value of transactions


A. Promotions can be created and launched for
  i. Any transaction
  ii. Any item
  iii. All items in a category
  iv. All items sold by a specific distributor

B. Promotions can be
  i. A discount as a fix ed amount off of the ticket
  ii. A discount as a percentage off of the ticket
  iii. Buy an item get x items free
  iv. Buy an item get x items at a discount
  v. Buy an item get additional points

C. Promotions can be flagged by special events
  i. Birthdays
  ii. Enrollment anniversaries

D. Promotions can be served to
  i. All customers
  ii. Specific customers (selected from a list)
  iii. Customers who have reached the Gold, Silver, Bronze levels only

1. Cash, points, combination of points and cash

2. Wechat pay, Alipay, cards

3. Any combination of cash, points and electronic payments

4. Manage taxes for any jurisdiction


Distributor has complete visibility to all activity at every retailer

Insight into the small retailers activity creates enormous value for both the distributor and the manufacturer.

This data can be used to selectively promote specific products on behalf of the distributor or any manufacturer

Data can become the distributors most profitable product

Distributor has fractional ownership of the consumer

Reaching the consumer directly opens a new channel for the distributor and for manufacturers contracted by the distributor

Ownership of the consumer can become the distributor’s most valuable asset