Remove the Stone

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

“I do not create a sculpture, I just remove the stone that does not belong, to reveal what was there all along.”

Thousands of years before Michelangelo thus described his art, another legendary sculptor, Pygmalion, removed the pieces of stone that did not belong – and revealed a woman’s form – so beautiful that he fell utterly in love with it.

A human being walking down the sidewalk, is cloaked in anonymity not too different from Michelangelo’s block of stone. You need to chisel away at the parts that don’t belong; to reveal a person that you can identify. Now, engage with her, watch her drape herself in silks and gold, gently dab on fine perfumes, watch her do the grocery and visit the grand malls. Now you know her, you fall in love with her, for she is the reason you exist, she is the reason the market exists, she is a customer.

So this is your mission – Identify, Onboard, Engage

You start off by meeting a stranger; your tools to remove the anonymity are the three factors of her identity:

Something she knows – like her name, her social security number, her date of birth, her address.
Something she has – her driver’s license, passport, mobile phone. AND,
Something she is – her biometrics, her face, voice, fingerprints, her eyes.

Get it right, because the alternative leaves you open to very significant risks. You could be defrauded, or worse, find yourself under the scanner of government regulators. But, once you get it right, you have on-boarded her. She has access to your products and services. You have welcomed her to your club.

She is a customer.

Now engage with her, let her access what she wants, when she wants, and how she wants to access it, no matter where she might physically be. Let her grow, encourage her progress towards becoming an increasingly valued customer, maybe even a Gold or Platinum customer.

You are the Financial Services Institution, you offer many different products with complex and involved on-boarding processes. Your customers live around the globe.

We are IDmission. We offer you the tools to remove the unwanted stone so you can reveal your Galatea and fall in love with each one of your millions of customers.

– Ashim